June 20, 2010

Dumpling festival

I have never tried to make dumpling...there are many things I first tried when I came to US like making tang yuan, cooking and of course this dumplings. In conjunction with chinese dumpling festival, I tried to make our own dumplings and it turns out nice and it's AWESOME!!!

Ingredients to make dumplings

The fillings inside
Tie the dumpling is harder than wrapping it
My product
CJ and Liz
XW and her dumplings
Here we go, can eat le

XW making satay sauce
White version of dumpling

And, here's the end of SUMMER 1 and gonna say byebye to Genetics and Accounting...SUMMER 2 begins with Orgo 1, WOW!!! enjoy the summer everyone!

May 16, 2010

Kayaking and Canoeing with BISM

Thanks to Bloomington International Student Ministries for organizing so many outdoor adventure, picnics and fascinating activities. You all are awesome!!! Thanks to Elan for fetching us all the time, and thanks to Brian for fetching us back too. I tried kayaking and canoeing once in NS but those kayak needs 6 people to carry it. Guess what, kayak here just need 2 people and you alone can actually push it!!! First time experience kayaking when it was raining! all WET!

Van full of equipments

Before started to kayak

The partners
Xiu wei and I
Lunch hour

It's time to go home after getting whole body wet
Serious group photo
CK's trademark expression, David's doing something crazy LOL

We really had a lot of fun joining BISM activities. Once again thanks BISM for giving us such a precious chance to experience many things like apple picking, kayaking, cutting turkey and etc... Will support BISM's activities :)

Penn state and Purdue friends in Bloomington

Last week, Ah Kian, Ah Boon, Ah Ben, Wei Young, Amy,Chin Yi and Muamar visited Bloomington. It's been a loooooong time since I last saw them. And, yeah they make our lives fun. We BBQ and all nice foods around. Photos will do the description:

"Vege delight" by Muamar LOL

Thanks Muamar for the secret recipe for satay!!! It's delicious!!!!!!Really tasty!
2 Woman burning foods, opsss....XD

We had many people, but our voice was still VERY LOW compared to...opposite apt...
Steamboat, varieties of nice nice nice foods!!!
The unannounced couple

Boiling boiling....
Our guests, welcome here!

And, you know what, I actually attended DALAI LAMA's talk on heart sutra. He is the most respectable man in Buddhist societies and the world. Glad to listen some words of wisdom from him. And, he's very humorous!

April 23, 2010

First chocolate making ever :)

Did I tell you I took a chocolate class this semester? My class had a chocolate contest today and invited some judges to taste chocolate. Well, before I graduated, I must do something I special, so I tried it! A unprecedented and challenging idea, banana chocolate truffle. We can hardly find it anywhere, but why don't try making it once? XD, it sounds crazy but fun!!!

Banana chocolate truffles

5 Cadburry dark chocolate bar
Slice into pieces

Need some cream, but this one works as well
Put the mixture under boiled water and let it melts
Add cream into it to form "ganache"
Peel peanuts

Chop it
Organic peanuts used
Add banana and stir it, put peanuts on top, freeze it for roughly 6-7 hours
Cut it
Here you go

You can add some cocoa powder to improve the texture or try different cutting style. Due to time constraint of only 1 day, we manage to produce banana truffle which can hardly find anywhere

We actually won "most original recipe" award, and a fancy cook book+t shirt from a renown chocolate store BLU BOYS

With professor Royce

Exam is coming...don't stress up, everyone!