June 20, 2010

Dumpling festival

I have never tried to make dumpling...there are many things I first tried when I came to US like making tang yuan, cooking and of course this dumplings. In conjunction with chinese dumpling festival, I tried to make our own dumplings and it turns out nice and it's AWESOME!!!

Ingredients to make dumplings

The fillings inside
Tie the dumpling is harder than wrapping it
My product
CJ and Liz
XW and her dumplings
Here we go, can eat le

XW making satay sauce
White version of dumpling

And, here's the end of SUMMER 1 and gonna say byebye to Genetics and Accounting...SUMMER 2 begins with Orgo 1, WOW!!! enjoy the summer everyone!

5 pieces of puzzle:

Peo\\\/\/// said...

Why you guys like what recipe also know how to make. Who teach you those things in fact ?:P

Peo\\\/\/// said...
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Wei Lun said...

aiyah, I don't know, my friends actually teach us how to make one hahahahah, desperate mah then must learn how to make lol

Peo\\\/\/// said...

cooking is ur 2nd major there yea.. haha ....

camellia said...

i want..............